History and Timeline
"Indepth Look the Early History of BLF" by P. Segal

September 1977
19 year old Jack Napier and 43-year-old Irving Glikk attend an event sponsored by the mysterious San Francisco Suicide Club entitled: "Enter the Unknown". The two friends along with 24 other nascent urban adventurers are blindfolded, driven to an inner city freeway exchange and cajoled into climbing onto a factory roof where they improve two existing billboard messages. This gaggle of earnest though inexperienced drive-by copywriters are apprehended by the authorities (natch) and become known as the Max Factor 26.

December 1977
Glikk and Napier form the BLF and christen it by altering and improving 9 "Fact Cigarette" boards around San Francisco on Christmas Day. With the help of Simon Wagstaff (BLF's 1st press agent) they publicize their premier Billboard action for maximum exposure and impact.

October 1978
Camel Cigarettes image is improved by properly attiring their scantily clad spokesman, "The Turk".

Various billboard improvement campaigns of varying quality and impact.

April 1980
The BLF points out the boring message behind the Marlboro Man.

May 1980
The Billboard Movement (BM), comprised of Arnold Fleck, Walid Rasheed and Cruella DeVille splits with the BLF. ("it fucks you up" & "time for whip")

More actions around the Bay Area and California.

January 1985
Founder Irving Glikk retires. Spokesman Simon Wagstaff retires.

The BLF, overwhelmed by the heady joy of Reaganomics falls into a complacent consumer trance and forgets to improve any billboards.

May 1989
Due to a slick threat to the paving industry, the BLF regroups to strike a blow for Exxon Corporation. Jack Napier takes over as spokesman. Winslow Leach and Ethyl Ketone join and Walid Rasheed rejoins BLF.

July 1989
A "philosophical organ" The Institute for the Rational Analysis of National Trends (I.R.A.N.T.) is debuted in the BLF's Portland, Oregon office. Under the direction of Igor Pflicht a unified, codified, quantified and ossified core BLF philosophy is becoming ever more clear.

December 1989
The BLF ends the decade with a political message for America.

January 1990
Kidnapped Bay Guardian political editor, Tim Redmond foments BLF propaganda.

May 1991
Along with Artfux of NYC, BLF is voted into 10 best Media Heroes of 1991 by the Utne Reader Magazine.

Blank DeCoverely signs on as new Spokesman and John Thomas takes over the helm as security chief. L.L. Fauntleroy shows up with a great many sixes. The Mark of the Beast shows up on Billboards all around town.

April 1994
Plymouth Neon, Captain Morgan & other Ad campaigns appropriate BLF tactics to sell their products. BLF counter appropriates.

BLF drops LSD.

December 1995
1st ever Neon glass billboard improvement graces every child's favorite Smokin Joe.

September 1996
Charley Manson becomes new Levis spokesman (with the help of the BLF)

Conrad Hoc signs on as BLF Web Designer.

BLF helps out Apple computer with their grammatically challenged "Think Different" campaign.

Feburary 1999
BLF launches it's website, billboardliberation.com on Valentine's Day.

March-April 1999
BLF sponsors bi-coastal Billboard shows at S.F.'s LAB & N.Y.C.'s CB's 313 Gallery.

November 2000 -March 2001
BLF embarks on an internet assistance program beginning with an extensive “dot-com” campaign involving 10 billboards along the 101 freeway in the “Silicon Valley” corridor.

This campaign culminates in an homage to Fortune Magazine and internet “uber-mensch” Jeff Bezos.

July 2002
BLF with Milton Rand Kalman, & Rico T. Spoons at the helm point out some “accounting errors” in their “Audited” improvements to a Business Objects board on SF’s main freeway.

November 2002
Ron English pays a visit to the Bay Area and instead of cruising Fisherman’s Wharf and hitting the Red Room he and the BLF help to point out a discrepancy in the Bay Area snitch omissions standards.

July 2003
BLF consults the classics to explore the feminine side of ancient Greek copy-writing in order to add a little class to a Banana Republic roadside campaign

August 2003
BLF weighs in on the ongoing litigation controversy in American dialectics.

August 2003
BLF lays low for awhile a after spate of publicity regarding the groups pata-legal activities.

December 2003
BLF launch a redesigned website, with new webmaster Milton Rand Kalman

September 2005
BLF adds Wordpress to their site, joins the legions of DIY media creators