client: Bay Area Air Quality Management District
improvement: 1-800-USNITCH
date: November 10, 2002

creative director: Ron English (link) | marketing coordinator: Jack Napier | production: Milton Rand Kalman, English Major, Fred Demara, Missy, Duncan D'Nuts, Rico T. Spoons, Erich Weiss, Conrad Hoc

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photos by Conrad Hoc


As part of the heroic U. S. Government and private citizen "posse comitatus" efforts to keep annoying poor people off of the streets and out of our hair, the BLF and Ron English have "improved" a Bay Area Air Quality Management District Billboard. The grotesque attempts of these pathetic non-consumers to join the ranks of healthy American shopping public is to be scorned and reviled. How many smoking vehicles do you actually see in a month? Two, three? Maybe five at the most? Way too many, and obviously, anyone driving one of these vehicles is simply too poor to be allowed on city and state streets.