client: Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
improvement: Killer Robots
date: June 23, 2004

creative director/marketing coordinator: Milton Rand Kalman | production: Amanda Celo, Ehrich Weiss, Totoro, Hollywood

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photos: Aurora Celo


The Billboard Liberation Front, Citizens Against Killer Robots Call for Emergency Action from Governor's Office

"You need to feel safe, and that's harder and harder to do nowadays because robots may strike at any time. And when they grab you with those metal claws, you can't break free... because they're made of metal, and robots are strong."
-Sam Waterston

California faces a gathering threat that has for too long gone ignored. While the headlines are jammed with stories about crime, drugs, and terrorism, almost nothing is said in this day and age about the true menace looming over us all: killer robots.

The time has come for our leaders to stop sweeping the threat under the rug, and demonstrate the courage necessary to face down the hordes of androids that are taking over every aspect of life in the great state of California before it is too late for us all. How long will government stand idly by while mindless automatons proliferate in our schools, our Indian casinos, our lobbying groups?

In response to our growing fears, the Billboard Liberation Front and Citizens Against Killer Robots have come together to call upon California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to take action. Clearly, the only way that Governor Schwarzenegger can fulfill his obligation as the head of our state government is to travel back in time to head off the threat when and where it began--in the gubernatorial administration of Ronald W. Reagan.

And if it didn't really begin there, well, he still needs to do it, if only to prove he's not a big pussy. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

"We recognize that this issue places Governor Schwarzenegger in an awkward position, being a cyborg himself," BLF founder Jack Napier recently noted. "However, in light of Bush administration using time travel to send this country back to the McCarthy era, we feel that he owes his constituents the same consideration."

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