client: Anthony Campanale
improvement: Campanale for President 2000
date: November 5, 2000

creative director: Anthony Campanale | foreman: Jack Napier | subcontrators: Fred Demura, Salty Dog, Lewis Cypher

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photos by Conrad Hoc


This service is one of sub-contracting installations of original canvas art by artists who want to display LARGE PALATE pieces for the general public (or who we owe money to). The Artist makes his/her original canvas and the BLF installs it! The art commodities business being what it is, we believe that our unique service will be very popular with emerging Artists who are not yet optimizing their sales potential. The Artist who uses our ARTVERTISING service is guaranteed that at least 4000 people a day will see their artwork! Just try to get those numbers at Hansen or Kinkade Galleries! ARTVERTISING will put the artist on the map, poised to make the Big Bucks with their work!

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